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Purple Bubbles
"Ash It Before You Pass It"
  • "Ash It Before You Pass It"


    🌿 Hey there, trendsetter!


    Get ready to elevate your style game and express your love for the green scene with our ultra-cool "Ash it before you pass it.." T-shirt. Designed for those who march to the beat of their own bongos, this tee is all about celebrating good vibes, spreading positive energy like confetti and reminding it's onlookers to think of others! 


    Crafted from the softest, comfiest fabric known to humanity (seriously, it's softer than a cloud made of cotton candy), our Tee's are as cozy as it gets. Whether you're chilling at home, hitting up your favorite festival, or just vibing with your crew, this shirt will be your ultimate go-to.


    With vibrant colors and a slogan that screams "GOOD VIBES ONLY," you'll be the coolest cat in the room wherever you go!


    This Tee isn't just a fashion statement – it's a lifestyle. Wear it loud and proud, and let the world know that you're all about peace, love, and, of course, a little herbal refreshment. 🌿


    So, what are you waiting for? Grab your shirt today and let your style soar to new heights. It's time to blaze a trail and show the world what it means to be funky, fresh, and unapologetically you. Light it up, baby! ✌️🍁🔥


      Purple Bubbles
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