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Purple Bubbles
Purple Bubbles

The Jane of Many Trades 👑

I truly LOVE getting to do different things for work day to day.. one day I might be working on music, another I could be shooting new content for my 18+ sites, then another I could be working on a graphic or web design project for a client, or I could be doing promo modeling & brand ambassador work for various brands at different events & festivals, or I could be taking the day off to stay home and tend to my kids when their sick, I might be designing a new t-shirt or product design for one of my apparel shops, or I might be out delivering your Walmart & Amazon orders, I could keep going here too lol --

But as a freelancer, creator, artist & entrepreneur some ppl might say I do too much and I need to focus on just ONE thing but what ppl don't realize is that I can't just do one thing! That is NOT HOW I AM BUILT! I would get bored and "over it" so fast if I was only able to do one thing, the same thing every single day! I fully believe I was meant to be the free spirit that I am, I was meant to create my own way and be the master of my day!

Yes it can be difficult at times! Yes I do get overwhelmed with everything that I'm building and that I have to do day to day to push everything forward! Yes I ride the ever-rolling-waves of entrepreneurship UP, DOWN & side to side but you know what?!!


Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something a certain way just because it's not the norm or it's not traditional or because ppl won't accept it, etc! If you have the vision, go for it! If you have the dream, the passion or the desire to break the mold and push boundaries on your path towards elevation then by all means DO IT! AND DONT LET NO ONE ELSE'S OPINION SWAY OR STOP YOU! 💯👌🏼

"Your only limit is YOU"!! - MS JESS

JMP Empires 👑

** yes I know I said Jane & not Jill 😝 #42zero

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Purple Bubbles
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