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My name is Ms Jess. As a multi-medium artist, marketer & serial entrepreneur, I have built up a wealth of knowledge that I now use to help others succeed in their own business and creative endeavors. One of my biggest passions is helping others reach their goals and make the most out of life through entrepreneurship, creativity & mind/body/spirit/financial elevation!


Features of this site:

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Connect with my business on all social media channels: @jmpempires

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Jessica "Jess Kash" Parker

Available Services

Explore the different services I offer and reach out with any questions you may have. I look forward to working with you.

design and marketing

Ready to elevate your brand and online presence? Allow me to design your next logo, business cards, website, funnel pages, album covers, book covers and more! I also have marketing plans available for content creation, scheduling, social media growth packages and more! Contact me to discuss your needs first or place a service order and I will contact you to discuss your project in detail before I get started. LET'S GET IT!


Ready to elevate your mindset and/or business strategies? Allow me to help with personal coaching sessions or one-on-one business consultations. Whether your in need of an elevated perspective on any given situation, or your seeking engaging ways to attract new clients, I am here to help! if you want to have your brand reviewed or you just don't know where to get started on your entrepreneurial journey, I AM HERE TO HELP!

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