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Virtual & Freelance Services

jmp designs, graphics and design

Ready to elevate your brand and online presence? Allow me to design your next logo, business card, website, funnel pages, album covers, book covers and more! Contact me to discuss your needs first or place a service order and I will contact you to discuss your project in detail before I get started. LET'S GET IT!

jmp empires
mindset shifting and motivational coaching

Are you in need of a mindset-shift or need help finding clarity? Allow me to help with personal 1on1 coaching sessions. Whether your in need of an elevated perspective on any given situation or just need some positive advice from an unbiased party then give me a call, I AM HERE TO HELP!

jmp empires
freelance writer for hire

Need a writer? I am available for most writing services for everything from business & blog articles, product descriptions, ebooks, ghost-writing projects (hooks & verses) for almost any genre and more. You name it! If it's something that needs written, I can do it! No project too big or small! LET'S GET STARTED!

jmp empires

Local Services

jmp photography vincennes indiana
neat freaks interior decluttering and redesign in lawrence county illinois

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This is the business HQ of serial entrepreneur, designer, content creator, model & recording artist MS JESS (KASH).


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